Our partnership with Concreteworks began in 2011 with the mission to chronicle their innovative design solutions. With their Pacific Desk Project we followed their work from concept to creation, showing how big (and heavy) ideas can fit in to any room, even if it’s on the 5th floor of an office tower in downtown San Francisco.



Oru is a hand crafted jewelry line based in Portland, Oregon. Using Japanese glass beads and minimalist metal castings, they create designs to adorn yourself with. We created an identity video for them to communicate the magic of their fabrication process to their audience.


fyn apparel

Designer Fine Karunamit at FYN takes us through the process of creating a runway-ready dress step-by-step, from a simple sketch in her studio to a final product on the catwalk.


wildwood & co: kickstarter

Wildwood & Co. needed a video with a call to action for their Kickstarter campaign to support their tailoring and design studio — it has since been fully funded by over 100 backers.


luscious porcelain

Careen Stoll is the the artist behind Luscious Porcelain, featured in this video that captured the rhythm of her foot-wheel and the tactile nature of her handmade ceramic products, sharing the spirit behind both her process and creations.