ONE HUNDRED SECONDS is an independent video production agency. 

Our clients are experts in their field. They see beauty in the world. They care about what they do.  

We show the world what sets them apart. 


WE can do it all

Comprehensive Video Production


Art Direction




Location Scouting

Motion Graphics & Animation

Original Music Compositions

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Our Strength

The name One Hundred Seconds is rooted in our skill at condensing lots of visual information in to small digestible bites. We understand that every brand has an origin story, a special mission, and a goal. In our videos, we make every second count- engaging the viewer, amplifying your voice and returning huge results for our clients.


Our Values

As a B-corporation, we follow the triple bottom line value system, ensuring that our work not only benefits your business, but does so in a manner that takes care of our planet and community, too. Founded in 2011, we continue to innovate, and stay progressive.


Our Services

Our services span multimedia content creation in the categories of photography, video production, and audio. When we develop media for our clients we work with local composers, travel wherever our work takes us, and make sure that we’re always representing the heart of our client’s brand.